This Italian company manufactures dedicated MRIs, ultrasound platforms and portable ultrasound devices.

In France, it is sold through its sales representatives and distributors.

Esaote offers a range of 2D probes including convex, linear, cardiac, micro-convex and endocavity probes.

The current range is built around the MyLab, and is available in the MyLab25/30/40/50/60/Twice/ClassC/Seven/alpha/gamma models.

Esaote’s current ultrasound probes are as follows:

  • CA421 convex probe
  • CA431 convex probe
  • CA541 convex probe
  • CA631 convex probe
  • CA123 micro-convex probe
  • PA240 cardiac probe
  • LA522 linear probe
  • LA523 linear probe
  • LA532 linear probe
  • LA533 linear probe
  • LA435 linear probe
  • SL2325 linear probe
  • LA332 linear probe
  • 3116 linear probe
  • EC123 endocavity probe
  • ETO LA022 transesophageal probe

PRS repairs Esaote probes.