General Electric is a leading manufacturer of ultrasound devices and probes. 2D ultrasound probles include convex, linear, cardiac, micro-convex, endocavity and surgical probes.

They can be connected to a number of ultrasound models in the Logiq, Voluson and Vivid ranges, in standard and portable versions.

PRS has solid experience in repairing GE probes, as the brand has a very large share of the French market.

Below is a partial list of GE’s 2D ultrasound probes:

GE – Small Connector

  • 3S-RS cardiac probe
  • 3C-RS convex probe
  • 4C-RS convex probe
  • 8L-RS linear probe
  • 9L-RS linear probe
  • 8C-RS micro-convex probe
  • 10LB-RS linear probe
  • 10S-RS pediatric cardiac probe
  • 8L-RS linear probe
  • 12L-RS linear probe
  • E8C-RS endocavity probe

GE -Flat connector

  • 4C-D convex probe
  • C1-5 D convex probe
  • 11L-D linear probe
  • 9L-D linear probe
  • AB2-7 D convex probe
  • IC5-9 D endocavity probe
  • M4S-D cardiac probe
  • M5S-D cardiac probe
  • M6C-D convex probe
  • ML6-15D linear probe
  • S4-10 D neonatal cardiac probe

GE -Standard connector

  • 3.5C convex probe
  • C364 convex probe
  • C358 convex probe
  • 10L linear probe
  • 739L linear probe
  • E721 endocavity probe
  • LA739 linear probe
  • 3C convex probe
  • 739L linear probe
  • 5S cardiac probe
  • 7S cardiac probe
  • 10S cardiac probe
  • M3S cardiac probe
  • M4S cardiac probe
  • 12L linear probe
  • M12L linear probe
  • 8C micro-convex probe
  • E8C endocavity probe
  • SP6-12 linear probe
  • AB3-8 convex probe
  • AB2-5 convex probe