These two brands merged to become Hitachi Aloka. This brand offers ultrasounds for use in OB-GYN, vascular and cardiology applications.

Hitachi Aloka offers a variety of 2D probes, such as convex, linear, cardiac, micro-convex, endocavity and transesophageal probes.

The following platforms are currently on the market:


  • F37 ultrasound
  • F31 ultrasound
  • Alpha 5 ultrasound
  • Alpha 6 ultrasound
  • Alpha 7 ultrasound
  • Alpha 10 ultrasound


  • Preirus ultrasound
  • Avius ultrasound
  • Ascendus ultrasound
  • Noblus ultrasound
  • Arietta V70 ultrasound
  • Arietta V60 ultrasound

Hitachi Aloka offers the following probes:

  • EUP-C715 convex probe
  • EUP-C524 convex probe
  • EUP-L53 linear probe
  • EUP-L65 linear probe
  • EUP-L75 linear probe
  • EUP-S52 cardiac probe
  • EUP-S50 cardiac probe
  • EUP-V53W endocavity probe
  • UST-9130 convex probe
  • UST-5412 linear probe
  • UST-5446 linear probe
  • UST-52105 cardiac probe
  • UST-9118 endocavity probe