A Japanese company active in the healthcare sphere in a number of medical imaging technologies such as MRI, X-ray and ultrasound.

Toshiba Medical offers a range of 2D probes such as convex, linear, cardiac, micro-convex, endocavity and transesophageal probes.

Toshiba Medical devices are used primarily by radiologists at hospitals, clinics and private-practice offices.

The company offers Aplio and Xario range ultrasounds. On the market since 2003, this range of ultrasounds has been regularly upgraded. The current range includes the Aplio 300/400/500 models, the Xario 200/300/400/500 models and the Artida cardiology platform.

Below is a list of Toshiba Medical’s ultrasound probes we can repair :

  • PVT-375BT convex probe
  • PLT- 604AT linear probe
  • PLT-704AT linear probe
  • PLT-805AT linear probe
  • PLT-1204AT linear probe
  • PLT-1204BT linear probe
  • PST-30BT cardiac probe
  • 4D PVT-575MV convex probe
  • PVT-661VT endocavity probe
  • Transesophageal probe

PRS repairs Toshiba Medical ultrasound probes.