PRS ultrasound probe repairs come with a full range of services. These essential services aim to offer you a flexible, comprehensive maintenance solution.
Here is what we offer you:

You need your probe every day in order to do your work and carry out examinations. PRS provides you with a large fleet of loaner probes, if required, while your probe is being repaired. We have a number of brands and models on hand. If the model you are looking for is temporarily unavailable, our sales department will indicate the scheduled return date.
You can thus reserve the probe you need, and we will contact you as soon as it is in stock. Probe loan price depends on probe type and includes one way shipping fee. Our loaner probes must be returned in perfect condition (i.e. without cosmetic and/or electronic damage) as per our General Terms and Conditions of Sale.

All studies on ultrasound probe fleets at hospitals show that 20 to 25% of your probes have visible and/or invisible problems. This very high percentage has an important impact on the maintenance costs of your probes as well as on the expected quality of the diagnostics. For example, a few broken crystals in an ultrasound probe leads to a loss of definition, a lack of power during deeper examinations and a deterioration of the Doppler spectrums. All of these flaws diminish the quality of the diagnostics provided to the patient and cannot necessarily be seen right away.

All of our repairs are covered by a 3 to 6 month warranty, depending on the type of probe. This warranty covers the repair performed. Warranty extensions are also available subject to certain conditions. Contact us for more information.

All transport of your probes handled by PRS is covered by a specific insurance policy. Your probes are financially protected against theft, loss or destruction during transport.

At PRS, our transport cases have been specially engineered to ensure maximum protection of your probes. Special foam protection keeps your probes safe and sound during transport. These easy-to-identify cases will quickly become essential when you take your probes on the road.

Fast, secure shipping is a top priority. We have selected reliable partners that allow you to track your shipment and ensure it is delivered in time. Simply enter the tracking number indicated by our sales department. We can also schedule to pick up your probe based on your specific instructions.

If your probe cannot be repaired and you wish to purchase one to replace it, PRS offers several solutions tailored to your budget.

  • Original OEM probes replacement: refurbished, demo and new models.
    PRS has a vast network of certified suppliers and goes all out to offer you the finest quality at a competitive price. We offer all brand names available on the market at great prices. You can now adjust your investment based on your fleet of ultrasound devices and choose how autonomous you wish to be with respect to the major ultrasound manufacturers. Of course, our ultrasound probes are selected with great care, tested and covered by warranty.
  • Compatible probes replacement: for those on a limited budget, we have selected a supplier of very high quality CE-certified compatible probes. Contact us for prices.