PRS performs a complete evaluation of your probe as soon as it arrives. After disinfection, your probe is entered into our computer system and then fully tested. Here are the tests we offer:

Photos of your probe are taken as soon as it arrives in order to record the visible damage observed. The photos are included in the repair offer that is sent to you. Likewise, photos are taken once the repairs have been completed and are kept in its records for traceability. We can provide you with these photos upon request.

Through Neoscan Medical, PRS has a large, diverse fleet of ultrasound devices to test your ultrasound probes. These tests are run before and after repair and are part of the test program at PRS. Photos are included with each repair and kept in order to ensure the traceability of our probe repairs.

PRS has electronic test benches vital to performing diagnostics on your probe. The many parameters evaluated ensure you a thorough, completely neutral test. These tests are available for a number of brands and are performed when your probe arrives at PRS and before it is shipped back to you.

Your ultrasound probes are put through electrical safety tests to check the quality of their insulation. Indeed, it is vital to ensure that your probe will not electrocute a patient in certain specific conditions. We perform these tests on your probes that pose this type of risk.